Beanz in the Bathtub

Released at: November 20, 2021 by Dirty Doctors Videos
I just love messy food fun, so when I found 2 cans of beans in my cupboard I thought it was time for some serious sploshing. So I headed up to my bathroom in my sexy lace body stocking and climbed into my bath and opened the first can of beanz ad pored them all over my body, especially down my front and I squashed all those beanz into my nice big tits. Then I took a handful and rubbed them into my wet juicy pussy. I opened my second tin of beanz and poured all those lovely beanz all over my head and I rubbed them into my hair and my face and of course I ate a few before laying back and relaxing. Covered in beanz, but then I needed a wiz so I wizzed into the empty bean cans and filled both, now that's a lot.

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