Bob's Smokers - Bits And Pieces

Released at: April 18, 2010 by Bob's Videos
Brooklyn Rhodes is looking her foxiest, nicely dressed in a suit as she enjoys a quiet afternoon moment. Her expert smoking inspires sexy thoughts that motivate her fingers into action in some very sensitive and itchy places. You end up with a pretty girl in a pretty scene that gets pretty HOT! Welcome newcomer Kitty, a thirty something, stay at home, soccer mom who resembles fan fav Sammy Sparks. She's clearly a 'nervous kitty' since it's her first ever scene on camera. She literally chain smokes 6 Marlboro menthols, her usual brand. She gradually takes off her clothes, punctuated by deep drags and long steady exhales. Alyssa Reese enjoys a pre-makeup cig out by the pool as she arrives early for her call time. Bathed in sunlight she looks like a sparkling dream. Finally cute Jamie Elle is lost in her thought as she absentmindedly disrobes and smokes her camel filters. Kitty returns for a closing encore in a casual scene where she chats about smoking related issues and gets more and more relaxed.

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Jamie Elle

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