Buttman's Anal Show 4

Released at: May 27, 2003 by Evil Angel
This is my ultimate ass fetish, ass obsession type scene. Tiffany, who has the best ass I've shot in years, and Niki who is incredible wholesomely sexy, parade around in various ass sexy clothes for me and Christoph. Every wonderful angel of their gorgeous round butts is explored and worshipped. My favorite part is when we get to the two-hand ass spread shots! This was a truly wonderful afternoon with these two very friendly Hungarian girls. In Brazil, Julia Vidal is a perfect round butt Christmas present for me and Juliano. But ass worship with this little girl comes with a twist: when I ask her to sit on Juliano's face, she really smothers him! Then after she beats his face up with her ass she closed on his nose off with her fingers and covers his mouth with her other hand till his dick nearly explodes! Oh, and she also has a beautiful asshole and does great anal play with toys, as well as getting fucked in the ass by Juliano's big dick! Finally we arrive in Berlin. I've found in looking at porno form throughout the world that the Germans do the most ass-obsessed-perverse stuff I've ever seen. Here I explode some of this with a real German, Steve Holmes. His Romanian and Polish female butt-buddies, Sandra and newcomer Magda Polak, prove to be worthy fellow explorers. This is the most ass-licking and ass-fucking fun I've ever had shooting a scene.

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