Casey Kisses & Korra Del Rio - Part 1

Released at: March 21, 2018 by Suck My Trans Cock
Trans girl dreamboat Casey Kisses is cumming home from a long day at work. Waiting is her foot slave and real life girlfriend Korra del Rio. She's bound up in a collar and cuffs and knows just what to do to satisfy her Goddess. Casey takes off her sexy high heels and extends a gorgeous tootsie to Korra's hungry mouth. Korra gets visibly turned on pleasing her Mistress. The energy between them is intense, and they are only getting started. Korra sucks on Casey's manicured toes, sniffing them, kissing them... making love them. Casey gets aroused too, and when she pulls up her short white skirt, she has the lady boner to prove it. But she keeps her submissive partner at a leg's distance as she strokes her beautiful love stick. You can even see her perfect nipples getting hard below her shirt. She squeezes them and maintains eye contact with her little pet. When Casey can no longer contain herself, she gives Korra something even better to suck on. To Korra's delight, Casey immediately starts fucking her beautiful face with her lady dick. Streams of saliva run down her lips. Next, Korra dives into Casey's delicious trans girl pussy. She eats her out, as Casey's balls slap against her forehead. Finally, Korra swallows more of Casey's heavenly cock, and Casey shoots a huge, passionate load of love juice all over Korra's lips. After Korra cleans it all up, Casey sends her to the corner. There, Korra starts to fantasize about what it would be like if the tables were turned. To be continued...

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