Released at: May 24, 2020 by Pumpkin Media
Watch these rampant cougars on the prowl, preying on unsuspecting young fresh meat and then taking their cocks deep inside their tight feline pussies. Andy is surveying Mrs. Wells' building but this "Cougar" wants him to make a thorough inspection of her own internal passage instead! When Katie's hot tub breaks down she calls in the repairmen but when the two guys from the company can't fix it this "Cougar" soon finds other ways to get herself hot and wet! After Tia's car breaks down she takes it into the local garage to be fixed. Whilst there this "Cougar" pounces on the chance of getting herself a good servicing from the young mechanic! Emma has been picked up for prostitution and is receiving a grilling at the police station. However, this "Cougar" is soon tucking in to some young detective dick. Andy is pulled up by the Health and Safety officer at his work site. He soon has to submit himself to this "Cougar's" ideas on proper helmet use!

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