Daddy Made Me A Mommy

Released at: July 6, 2015 by Desperate Pleasures
Sierra Simmons -------------------------------------- Dear Diary, After mom passed away I was pretty upset and ended up growing closer to my step-dad... a lot closer! One night I snuggled up against him and he put his arm around me. In his sleep he began to rub my breast. It kind of felt good but weird too. Next thing I knew daddy's other hand was rubbing my pussy. He was still dreaming when he pulled my panties off. He must have thought I was mommy or something because he went down on me. I got so hot I needed his cock inside me. When I straddled him he realized it was me. He was shocked but he still fucked me all over the bed then he came inside me a whole lot and I'm not on the pill. This could be bad. Dear Diary, I took a pregnancy test. It was positive. I told daddy he was pretty shocked but excited at the same time. He pulled me close and hugged me. I was so relieved at his reaction I started sucking his cock... Dear Diary, The bigger I get the hornier I seem to become and daddy really seems to enjoy it too. In fact he's actually moved me into his bedroom on a permanent basis. Now I can satisfy my sexual cravings all night long.

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