Erection Central - The TV Show

Released at: May 9, 2008 by Gourmet Video
Welcome to Erection Central, a sexy TV show where anything can happen - and usually does! Sit back and relax as your voluptuous hostess Kinko (really Christy Canyon in a revealing S and M outfit) entertains and titillates with a collection of goofy skits and white-hot clips. There are lots of heated highlights along the way, including a very youthful Nina Hartley as a suburban mom who comes home to find her hubby is ready for some back door fun. Candie Evans gets introduced to the sensual world of lesbian lust when she and Lois Ayres giggle and grope their way through a steamy session. Christy Canyon turns in one of her most ravenous romps ever when she takes on a pair of studs in a filthy-mouthed frolic that leaves all three utterly spent. A photo shoot orgy finds a trio of tight-bodied cuties entertaining four studs, including a wild-eyed John Holmes. The fiery finale finds Sharon Mitchell treating her man to the anniversary gift of a lifetime - sweet Angel Kelly. The three of them share some memorable moments in a blistering interracial rendezvous. This is 80s erotica at its best, with some of the decade's most alluring talents pulling out all the sexy stops.

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