Fake Agent Presents - Alicia And Linden Part 1

Released at: June 6, 2016 by Fake Agent Clips
I've had the pleasure of meeting beautiful blonde babes who love sex and want to earn a lot of money. Alicia spoke quite good English but Linden hardly spoke any at all. So it was handy for me that I could communicate through Alicia. The girls were very keen on what I had to say and were prepared to do almost anything to get a job. I told them about my business and that I needed to make a short film with them and they didn't seem to mind so I was a very happy man. We started as usual with some naked photos and things escalated from there... They had a lot of energy and after I'd spunked in their mouth they were still eager for more. I asked them if they'd like to try anal after a small rest. They were up for it so I got ready for another session. -- Fake Agent

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