Fake Agent UK Vol. 4

Released at: November 10, 2020 by Fake Agent UK
It was nearing the end of the week and, I was looking forward to a large whisky down the local boozer, but I had one more interview left to do. Her name was Zoe and she was an adult performer/ex stripper from Rotterdam in the Netherlands, looking to further a career in porn in the UK. Of course she had come to the right place... kind of... Well anyway, this chick had a fantastic pair of legs, nice natural tits and a great arse. As she was looking for porn work it didn't take long for me to get my fingers deep in her soaking wet pussy. Then after she sucked my cock I thought I'd test have far she would go... by getting her to lick my arse. She nuzzled at my arse like a starved pig, it was fucking beautiful. Then she nearly ruined it by sticking one her little piggies right up my arse. Surprised, taken back, easy darling. Take that out of there I said. That is strictly a one way street. Anyway, I got on with fucking her slick wet hole in all manner of positions, and decided to finish off by cumming on her face... But she had aimed my cock right in front of her eyes, and I unloaded both barrels straight into her left eye, gluing it firmly shut. I like to think of this as Karma in action. Keep your digits out of mens bottoms you hot, but dirty minx.

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