GirlFun 51

Released at: March 9, 2009 by Dream Girls
Jillian and Alexis begin the fun with an outdoor picnic like no other. This picnic basket includes a "sexy" dice game that has these girls lovingly exploring each other. After massaging and sucking each other's tits, these girls finish off by eating each other's pussies for dessert. Next up is Brenna, a beautiful and leggy blonde that uses a very unique position to get herself off with her blue dildo. Still turned on, Brenna anally pleasures herself to one more orgasm before taking a well-needed and soapy shower. Last up are two hotties that are given some sexy clothes to try on as they play a game called "Let's Fuck". As the dice are rolled, the clothes come off and these girls lick and kiss each other everywhere and climaxes with some dildo action. As a bonus, we go "Behind the Scenes" with Jillian and Alexis on a sexy and naked outdoor photo shoot.

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