Released at: December 12, 2022 by Charlie Forde
Charlie and Danika softly caress each others bodies; the supple skin of Charlie molds perfectly to the athletic sculpt of Danika. Charlie pushes Danika down to lie on the grass; she licks her beautiful breasts that **Glimmer** in the sun, then dives between her legs to suck her cock. Charlie Forde welcomes their first ever Trans scene in this beautiful Australiana fuck. Under the shade of a hills hoist clothes line, Charlie and Danika build in intensity and passion before Charlie softly but purposefully fists Danikas ass and licks her feet. Danika cannot hold back anymore and cums in Charlies mouth, drizzling out as Charlie smiles at Danika. This first Trans scene couldn't be softer; it couldn't be more Australian, and it couldn't be more beautiful to watch. Trans porn is all too often hyper-sexualised or fetishized with a heavy focus on the cock being the most important or only important part of a trans woman; here you all too strongly get the feeling that it is two women with excellent chemistry, fucking in ecstasy, and nothing else.

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