I Dream Of Genie

Released at: October 11, 2011 by TicklingParadise
Mark finds an old Genie lamp! When he rubs it, a gorgeous, blond Genie appears and grants him 3 wishes! WISH #1: Mark is in love with his stunning neighbor Viviana. She is always sunbathing and showing off her sexy, silky bare feet. He has wanted to get his hands on those feet forever. He wishes to tickle his neighbor's feet while she's trapped in stocks. POOF! His wish is granted! Viviana is locked in stocks before him and she is at his mercy as he peels off her socks and tickles her deliciously sensitive feet. Viviana struggles like crazy in the stocks to escape the tickling and laughs so hard she can barely breathe. Viviana's feet are silky and buttery soft, so vulnerable to being tickled. How could feet that unbelievably soft NOT be ticklish?! WISH #2: Mark wishes to see his 3rd grade teacher, Miss Katie Martin, foot tickled by a female student. Miss Martin was always dangling her shoes and teasing him to death with her soft, petite, high arched feet. POOF! The Genie grants his wish and super ticklish Katie Martin finds herself bound with her hands behind her back and her feet up on a table, strapped securely at the ankles. Her student, Liz, removes her teacher's high heels and begins tickling the bottoms of Miss Martin's feet. Katie Martin has an adorable girlish laugh, which soon turns frantic as Liz uses fingers and a feather on her bare, wrinkly soles. Katie's soles are right in your face, up close, her laughing face in the background while her feet get stroked with a stiff feather. WISH #3: Mark is just about satisfied but his Genie is so beautiful and has such irresistible, soft skin Mark uses his last wish to tickle HER! "Please don't tickle me!" Pleads the Genie. "Genies are more ticklish than regular human women!" Lovely blond Noelle, her fit, tan body in a skimpy Genie costume finds herself trapped in our best stocks ever. Her arms up, her bare underarms exposed, her bare feet locked through 2 wooden holes. Mark doesn't want to skip even an inch of his Genie's beautiful body. He takes feathers and runs them over her sides, tummy, armpits and sensitive neck and then goes to work with his fingers all over her upper body. Noelle can't stop laughing. "This is tease!" she cries. Mark moves to her bare feet and tickles them with feathers. Sensational foot lovers camera angles we've never done before! Devious tickler Mark has long fingernails on one hand to rake her delicate soles and makes poor Noelle mindless with ticklish agony. Noelle gasps and cries, the tease written all over her face. NOTE: Viviana really can't stand to be tickled. It's true agony for her as she is painfully, hopelessly ticklish. Viviana was a favorite girl from "The Contest" but she dropped out early, unable to bear the tease of being tickled! We seriously had to bribe her with loads of cash to endure being tickled in more videos. Her scene in this video is maybe one of the BEST foot tickling scenes ever!! This video features some playful themes but the bondage is serious and the girls in the video find tickling agonizing tease! POOF! Your tickling wish is granted!

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