I Swallow Fifteen

Released at: December 6, 2009 by Rodney Moore
Queeny Love & Rodney Queeny Love can't wait to wrap her lips around Rodney's Rod. She sucks it with wild abandon until it finally explodes into her mouth, and she lovingly but greedily swallows every drop. Angelina Smith & Rodney The regular parcel service guy is sick, so Angelina comes in his place. "Hmm..." overnight delivery will never be the same! First she discovers the packages going out are filled with porn. Then she discovers the company's owner is filling her hairy pussy with his dick. Caroline Pierce & Rodney Caroline is modeling S&M paraphernalia. But there's a new item - a strange looking chair. After reading the instructions, we find it has all kinds of interesting uses. Caroline plops her sexy big butt down in the chair. Rodney crawls underneath it and licks her bush and ass. Then he slides under and pokes his prod up her pussy. Finally, she takes a big Rodney Blast down her throat. Trinity, Annie Andersinn & Rodney Rodney wakes up tied to the railing in his room. Seems he had a big fight with his girlfriend and she's tied him up before leaving while he was passed out. But fortunately, two very tall girls happen by and hear his cries for help. But they're just about to release his bonds when they change their mind and decide to take revenge on him for all the men who've treated them badly in the past. Lucky for Rodney, their idea of punishment is to rub their butts in his face and kiss each other and drool over their own breasts and into each other's mouths. Finally they untie him and suck him until he shoots goo all over their faces. They lick it off of each other, swap it back and forth and then swallow it all down. Shanna McCullough, Wolf Savage, Mandingo, Mark Wood, Steve Austin, Steve Taylor & Guy DiSilva After downing Mandingo's big tool and all his sperm, Shanna downs 5 guys, taking each of their pop shots into her mouth, letting it dribble into a glass, and then at the end, she swallows the entire gooey mess.

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