London Sex Project 2: Experimentation

Released at: August 8, 2018 by JoyBear Pictures
According to the world press, when it comes to sex, Londoners are among the most puritanical. Adult film doyen, Joybear Pictures, has once again commissioned renowned filmmaker, Oliver McDowell, to find out if Londoners have been unfairly labeled as prudes. Thanks to his investigative and journalistic techniques, McDowell presents us with a never-before-seen perspective on some of the players on London's underground 'party scene'. His discoveries tell a very different story and highlight how even the most straight laced Londoners are keeping the flame alive in their own special way. Featuring the godfather of fetish, DJ Rubber Ron himself, and uncensored footage from one of his legendary after-parties, this is the London Sex Project: Experimentation.

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