Mother-Son Secrets #5

Released at: February 4, 2013 by Forbidden Fruits Films
**Scene 1:** Jodi has a few friends over for coffee when the phone rings. It's her Step-son again, and she ignores the call the first time. "Who's that?" Sadie asks. "Just my Stepson", Jodi responds, not taking the call. The three friends return to their conversation when the phone rings again. Jodi sees it's her Stepson again and doesn't want to answer. It seems that ever since he has moved out of His father and her house, he has always needed something. The young man has turned out to be quite irresponsible on his own. The phone rings yet again and Jodi is pressured to answer. "Yes, what is it" Her irritation comes through the phone load and clear. "You forgot to do what?!" Jodi's irresponsible Stepson has forgotten to pay his heating bill, and it is going to be the coldest night of the year. She agrees that her and his father will put money in his account to pay the bill, but it is too late in the day for it to get turned back on today. Her Stepson begs to stay with her for the night. The three women banter back and forth about situation. It looks like Sadie has always had a thing for the cute young man, buy Raven is shocked at the prospect. "He can always stay with me..." Sadie says. Jodi ignores the cougars comment, and finally gives into her Stepson's request. Later that night, Jodi has waited up for her Stepson. When he gets in, she sends him to the couch, with a small blanket. After a little objection, her son knows it is a losing argument, and gives into the arrangement. Through the night he tosses and turns. He knows his father is away on business, and his Stepmother has a big, soft bed just down the hall. Maybe he could slip in and not disturb her. If he slept the rest of the night on the couch, his back was going to bother him. When he slips into the bedroom, he sees his Stepmothers backside, covered only in a thin sheet. A book lays nearby where she must have taken a nap after reading it. He slips quietly into the bed behind her. The rustling awakens her, and in her groggy state she agrees that he can rest next to her, but to please be still. He can't get the image out of his mind, and soon he is sliding closer and closer to his Stepmother. His body finally touches hers and in her incapacitated state, she objects, but then starts he get unnatural urges! The feeling of this youthful hardness against her has triggered a primal response, and against all that is right, the two give into their passions!! The sopping wetness of his Stepmother's pussy tells him she is as into this as much as he is, and then the young man pumps his hardness into his mother until his seed shoots all over her. A feeling of guilt overcomes the satisfaction, and as they lay there in their filth, they know this can only be for this night.... or can it? **Scene 2:** Jodi has married into money and is excited about all the places she is going to travel to with her new rich husband. Only problem is that the new hubby has a lazy son that is preventing her from having fun travels. She decides to trick him by replacing his vitamins with penis enhancing pills to make him look like a perv. He confronts her about it and she helps him get rid of it by sucking and fucking the little pest. Now she can black-male him with the fact that he's boinking his dad's new trophy wife!

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Jodi West