Muscle Bomb Passion

Released at: June 23, 2014 by Iron Belles
Marina Lopez and Emery Miller are two muscular ladies who are having a blast exploring each others' beautiful bodies and seeing what makes each other tick! Won't you cum join them? The passion continues for a while longer on the couch, loaded with touching, fondling, kissing, these two are ever so magical. Then Emery carries Marina onto the bed where the hot passion gets even wilder between the two of them. Both women strip each other down to the buff and WOW! You've just got to watch it to grasp the eroticism of these two magical muscle bombs in action! There is nothing more beautiful on this earth than two naked muscle girlz in bed enjoying each others' naked, ripped, muscular physiques. And you will be mesmerized by these women who are just The muscle bombs of all muscle women, touching, kissing (very sensual and sexxy too), rubbing on each other, posing for each other, so much to behold that you've just got to see it to appreciate fine muscle art in the making!

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