Mustang Sally's Whorehouse

Released at: October 27, 2017 by City Girlz
I got laid off at my job recently and my Mother in Law said she could use some help at her work. My wife told me she owns Mustang Sally's whorehpuse , I've never been there until now, I also didn't realize good ol'mom fucks guys all day long ...I just had to peek , (she knew I was there but kept on fucking the guy without missing a beat) they finally got done and she said she would see him next week, as he left he told me she wanted to see me .... being the seductive cat that she is , there she was decked out in the most amazing lingerie , smoking a cigar...I could tell she just got fucked as she has that sex smell on her ...."come closer son, strip naked I want to suck your cock " ...she put it in her mouth and took her time, the most erotic blow job I have ever had , I sent what felt like quarts of cum down her throat , so much cum it backwashed out of her mouth ......I think I'm going to love this job

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