Recession Whores

Released at: March 27, 2020 by Television X
They Need The Cash And The Cock! Hard times call for hard cocks for the Recession Whores, who all choose to earn their money on their arse! Four highly sexed babes and one horny stud show exactly how to make ends meet! Handsome and well-hung Christian is a freelance designer who escorts middle-class businesswoman Jane. She's a hot MILF who loves it every which way - and gets a double drilling for her dosh that has her cumming twice and draining Christian's balls dry. Indian babe Rishma (India) wears her sari to give her client the full Indian experience. Client Lee wants to dominate her and she loves submitting to his every filthy desire, literally bending over backwards to please! Busty Brooke (Brooke Jameson) used to be an estate agent but now parades her own double frontage. She loves having sex for money and is a real pro when it comes to taming a trouser snake. Peter Oh Tool is the lucky lad who gets to lose his deposit all over her lovely tits. Sophia (Valerie Summer) is a South American girl who is selling her hot body to make the cash for the plane fare home. Amy (Faye) is really bi-curious and hires Sophia to show her the lezzer ropes, which she does with dildos and love beads. Finally, Mistress Elizabeth's PR agency is going down the tubes so she's turning tricks to get some extra cash. She usually plays the dom but is happy to submit to Pascal's giant Belgian banger as it fucks her to oblivion.

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