Rocco Ravishes LA

Released at: September 2, 2009 by Evil Angel - Rocco Siffredi
**2010 AVN Award Nominee for Best Anal Sex Scene. 2010 AVN Award Nominee for Best Group Sex Scene. 2010 AVN Award Nominee for Best Gonzo Release. 2010 AVN Award Nominee for Most Outrageous Sex Scene. **ROCCO RAVISHES LA serves up more of Rocco Siffredi's spectacular return to performing, as he plows through a horny posse of Southern California sluts who are all too eager to get the rough and randy treatment from the Italian Stallion! Kristina Rose and Kagney Lynn Karter adore the erotic thrill of Rocco's hardcore skills, while Dana DeArmond and Adrianna Nicole team up to see who tires out first! The disc includes behind-the-scenes footage, photo galleries, trailers, and a cumshot recap. Scene one: Rocco and Kristina meet out back at a mansion's poolside. Kristina says, "I wasn't expecting you to look like this. I was expecting the Big Bad Wolf." Rocco replies, "Are you in the porno business, too. Can I see your ass?" Kristina pouts, "There's more to me than just this booty!" As it turns out, there's also her pussy, her mouth, her succulent little boobs... But Rocco likes her booty, and can't help but stick his nose in her ready-made mini-gape before moving on to the rest of her body, groping her until she's ready for a Rocco-style mouth-fucking. The two go inside and frolic on the sofa, 69ing before little spinner Rose hops on the salami to go riding. The two frantically fuck, Kristina happily fitting Rocco into every orifice and scrambling around until the Stallion at last drops his load in her eager mouth. Scene two: Ultra-tramps Adrianna Nicole and Dana DeArmond taunt Rocco for "romantically breaking girls' assholes around the world" even as they strip down on the staircase and flash their own buttholes at him. Upstairs, Rocco rhapsodizes about how "classy" Dana is, as she strips down and does the panty-tease ho walk up and down the floor. "I can't stop looking at your cock," she whispers to the camera, before dropping to her knees and impaling her face on his fat cock. Soon enough she's bent over and taking it up her pussy, after which an aroused Rocco decides to really take her face for a ride, putting her cheek in a jawbreaker and slapping the crap out of it. Then he gives her a break while he warms up Adrianna, who immediately wants his hand tight around her neck. Another gasping, choking blowjob ensues, interrupted by a little warm-up ass-fucking and ATMs. Then, for the main event, Rocco recruits Marco Banderas to handle both girls at once, and in short order Adrianna is tonguing the huge gape Marco leaves in Dana's ass, and Dana is choking Adrianna and riding her face as Marco sodomizes her reverse-cowgirl. Dana crouches on the pool table to get ass-fucked by Marco, and finally he drops a load in both girls' maws, and they snowball the resultant sticky goo back and forth. Scene three: Jamie Elle is out by the pool in all-white lingerie, a black slave collar around her neck and her light brown hair sweeping all the way down to the curve of her ass. She shows Rocco her pierced tits, the sight of which prompts him to ask, "Do you like to get bit? Do you like pain?" Jamie doffs her panties and prances around, shoving her fingers up her pussy. "Don't you want to fuck me?" She stands and spreads her cheeks, fingering her ass. "Rocco, don't you want to fuck my tight asshole?" But before he can take action, Bobbi Starr sashays into the picture in black lingerie, with a white slave collar. "I heard about you, and what you do with girls and toilets," Bobbi purrs. Rocco tries to demur, blaming it on circumstance, until he realizes how turned on Bobbi is getting as she pulls up her dress and sticks her hand down her panties. Before he knows it, he's getting a bend-over ass show, with Bobbi showing off her eager anus. Jamie walks up, and the two start playing with each other's asses, rimming and licking and stretching and poking as Rocco watches. Bobbi uses a clear acrylic toy in all of Jamie's holes and then her own ass, finally storing it in Jamie's butt for safekeeping. Tony Ribas enters the picture, taking full advantage of Jamie's mouth and asshole as Bobbi helps him dominate her before tearing the dick from her asshole so she can slurp it down and earn the same deep sodomy treatment. Bobbi crawls to the bathroom, crosses her arms behind her back and sticks her face in the toilet; Ribas takes the hint and ass-fucks her hard some more, pushing her face into the water and flushing. Then he drags her soaked face, spitting up toilet water, into his crotch and face-fucks her, finally leaving her a happily quivering mess on the bathroom floor. "I want the Rocco experience," she says to the behind-the-camera Rocco, still not satisfied ... and Rocco, being the absolute gentleman he is, puts down the camera and sodomizes her with her face shoved all the way down the toilet and the cover compelled down on the back of her head. Scene four: Jada Fire is poolside wearing a baby-blue bikini that flatters her dark-chocolate flesh. She pulls down her bottom for Rocco and he goes probing between her cheeks, first exposing the shocking pink of her pussy before settling his thumb in her asshole. Jada sucks his thumb clean and bounces her huge boobs up and down, and then lets Rocco slap her face repeatedly. "What are you thinking about?" he asks. "Your fat dick," she moans, pulling it out of his pants and dropping to her knees. After a nice POV blowjob, Jada goes inside, where she's handed over to Mark Davis, who fucks her face while Lexi Love stands on the other side of the room's picture window, fingering herself through her shorts as she watches. She joins them inside, stripping down and shoving her asshole in Davis' face as Jada masturbates. Jada takes her turn riding Mark's face as Lexi hops on his cock for a cowgirl ride. Then it's Jada's reverse-cowgirl ride, as Lexi eats Mark's ass from underneath. Putting them side by side, Mark finger-fucks the vanilla and chocolate pussies at the same time, then lets them share the taste of his uncut cock before taking a deep ride up Jada's Hershey Highway. Finally, Lexi gets a missionary ass-fucking as Jada chokes her. The girls line up to capture the string of cum Davis spurts across their tongues. Scene five: Kagney Linn Karter is trying on slut clothes when Rocco finds her in the rec room, which has a stripper pole in its center. Kagney pulls a couple of ass-up moves, delighting the Stallion with her limber gyrations. What really knocks him out is the blonde's stunning ass, however, which she giggles and shows off, tossing in a series of pussy-farts for good measure. "You talking to me or what?" Rocco laughs. "She's saying hello," Kagney purrs, and then strips down for an all-nude pole dance. Rocco pulls out his cock for a POV blowjob that turns Kagney on so much she squats down in reverse cowgirl and rides his cock. They're interrupted by Marco Banderas, who quickly gets in the swing of things by sticking his own dick in her mouth. A messy double blowjob leads to Rocco fucking Kagney's pussy doggie-style as Marco pumps her mouth. Rocco sucks her toes and ass before trading positions with Marco. As Kagney rides Rocco's face, Marco unloads on her own mug, and she finishes fucking Rocco with sperm covering her pretty face.

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