Secs Dreams

Released at: November 5, 2008 by Bob's Videos
Bob simply can't stop daydreaming about his secretaries and they know it! It might help if they'd stop teasing him ... but they know exactly what Bob wants to see and they are eager to share the fun and play along. Cory (Covergirl) and Alexis accidentally discover that Bob has a "thing" for their lovely nylon covered lower regions. They playfully plot to expose his little fetish and also let him know it's ok and they understand. But Bob sends them off to do a job and falls asleep to only find his dreams are totally wild and full of naughty fun involving both of his Sexy Secs. Temptress demonstrates the ultimate in office leg shows ... the kind of performance that could only happen in your steamiest dreams. Finally, Bob is bored during an endless meeting so he decides to ogle Jennifer George from across the table ... he starts to imagine what he's just love to see her do ... zzzzzz ... guess what?! His dreams come true!! You gotta see this scene to believe it.

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