Sexual Disgrace #17

Released at: October 7, 2020 by Fetish Network
Scene One: This session was tough for Jayden. She couldn't believe how sore she was when he finally let her go. The last time her Master had her in his grip, she left tired and weak, weary from all the orgasms he made her have. She never begged for so much cock before. This time Jayden couldn't scream at all. If his dick was in her mouth, it was deep down her throat. If he was pounding her pussy in, he would pop the ball gag in her mouth or stretch her mouth open with his hands. That was her favorite part. All she could really do is endure it all and enjoy. Her arms were tied behind her back, her legs trembling from being kept in his lair all night, waiting for him to use her. He took Jayden from behind, making her take it like a bitch in heat. He'd slam her on the ground and threw her into whatever position he wanted. She loved when he made her sit on his cock, taking every inch down to his balls, and ride him like the stud he is. He kept plunging his dick into her further, spit oozing from her mouth, cream dripping from her pussy. She loves it when he does this to her. Why? This isn't normal. Is it? Honestly, she doesn't even question it when he cums on her face. Maybe that's why she loves it so much. Scene Two: Fiona was surprised to see her Master again. She supposed she should move further away. His slave and anal sex training is difficult to endure, but he would probably find her anyway. This time he chained her down on top of a sybian. The twirling cock and rapid vibration kept Fiona's entire body tense, causing orgasm after orgasm. She never came so much in her life before. His dick deep down her throat only helped to make her cum, spit oozing off of her face. But he wanted her asshole again. He chained Fiona's neck and hands to a post. He took turns using his dick in her throat, pussy, and asshole, raising her right back up every time she fell in exhaustion. She'd never been put to work so long and hard. He likes to hear her moan and scream, his huge dick the cause of all the noise. She desperately needed a break from deep throating his cock. It's way too big for her to swallow. She can't take it as long as he wants, but she wishes she could. Maybe he would take it easy, maybe not slap the back of her head as his dick reaches further down her throat, making her gag all over herself. Whenever she thought he'd give her a break, he stepped behind her to push his dick deeper and deeper in her asshole. When he did give her a chance to catch her breath, it was to watch her struggle with the confinement. It made him much hornier, which he took out on Fiona. This time she left sore and cum-drenched. She should run away, but his cum tasted so good that she wants more. Scene Three: Guess who's back? Our favorite sexy Latina MILF Becca Diamond. She is a staple here at Fetish Network and we're doing everything we can to lure her back in the dungeon. She's definitely one sex slave fun to dominate and challenge with new goodies. She's introduced to our sybian fucking machine, a massive surprise for someone new to it. This time around, we have an interesting bondage device: a long piece of bamboo. It ends up pairing beautifully with rope. Becca is kept on the sybian with rope around her waist and legs. The bamboo is tied to her arms, keeping them up and spread, ties around her muscles and wrists. Our shiny Diamond is also treated with our first black Master and his big black cock. Becca struggles immediately to contain herself from all the orgasms it's causing. She does squirt. Her Master pushes her hips down onto the sybian, clit pulsed with intense vibrations, making her ride it. He opens her mouth and makes her gag on his dick, making her give him a deepthroat blowjob. She loves big black cocks and worships it like a good sex slave should. Let's see if she can take it up pass her meaty clit into her tight cougar cunt. Her Master keeps her attached to the bamboo, stands her up and ties the rope to the wall. He inspects his sex slave's pussy and asshole, pleased to see pretty pink. Diamond gladly takes every inch of cock, hard and deep, begging for forgiveness for being a dirty whore. Her Master goes back and forth from mouth to pussy, pussy to mouth, using her spit as lube and making her clean his dick off her cum. He shoves his dick deep down her holes, making her moan and scream like a good slut should, pounding her in. Becca Diamond delivers another great performance.

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