Released at: April 18, 2020 by Anastasia Pierce Productions
The fountain of youth is every aging woman's dream. But when dreams come true, A price must be paid. When Mordrid, the wizard offered to restore youth and beauty to Faustina, The village crone, he had not been entirely forthcoming about the price she would have to pay. Faustina gladly parted with her worthless crystal ball in exchange for his services. The agreement was made, the spell was cast, and Faustina was instantly transformed into a beautiful young princess. But she was also bound and gagged. The evil Mordrid had no use for the crystal ball. What he really wanted was Faustina. Unfortunately the spell only lasts for a few hours. So after the evil wizard has retired and slowly stripped his lovely slave and admired her sensuous struggles within his expert bondings, he must recast his spell or she will be lost to him forever. But even an evil wizard can have his bad days. The moment of spell casting fast approaches and Mordrid has lost his recipe. He has to work from memory. Will he get it right? Or will his lovely princess croak?

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