Swingers Vol. 11

Released at: September 9, 2013 by Homegrown Video
Falicha Karr - Threesomes Are Fucking Awesome ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Falicha and Kitty waste no time getting down with each other before Steve walks in, spreading Falicha's legs and eating her pussy. Kitty puts on a strap-on dildo and fucks Falicha while Falicha gives Steve head. They use the strap-on in a couple of different positions before they lay Steve out on the bed. Falicha sits on Steve's face and Kitty gives him head, Kitty switches it up and sits on Steve's dick in the cowgirl position as Falicha continues to ride her pussy on Steve's face. Falicha and Steve get into all sorts of positions for some hard pounding. As Steve fucks Falicha from behind, Kitty hops on top of Falicha. Steve pounds away at Falicha's pussy while making out with Kitty. He pulls out and blows a giant load all over Falicha's big white ass. Michele Meadows - Foursome Sex With 3 Loads Of Hot Cum ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Michele and Christelle suck on each other's titties before Michele goes down on Christelle's pussy. James enters and Christelle sucks his dick, while Michele starts sucking on her husband's dick. Soon both women are sucking on dicks. Mickey beds Christelle and fucks her pussy while Michele kisses her and sucks her titties. They switch, with Michele laying on the bed, Christelle sitting on her face and James gets his dick sucked by Christelle. Mickey joins in and soon they all do their own thing in one big chain until Mickey stands over the women, spraying their faces and titties with his jizz. James takes over and fucks Michele hard before going deep inside Christelle, coming up shooting his load on Christelle's back. By this time Mickey is ready to blow again and he sprays his wife's big boobs with his second load of cum. Alexa Davis - Swingers Group Sex Party --------------------------------------------------------------------- Jasmine and Scott recently met Alexa Davis online and the two women are eager to play. Alexa is first to go down on Jasmine, licking Jasmine's wet pussy until she cums. She then pulls out a double dong dildo, shoving each end into their pussies. They fuck hard and make each other scream. Before long, Jasmine and Alexa alternate between getting fucked by Scott and sitting on his face. Scott fingers and fucks Jasmine hard while Jasmine plays with Alexa's pussy. A second guy enters the scene and he and Scott take turns with the ladies. The women scream and cum again with mouths, fingers, cocks and pussies everywhere. The new guys pulls out and blasts his cum at Alexa's face. Alexa gobbles it all up and swallows every last drop. Alexa and Jasmine put all their energy back into pleasing Scott, ending the session side by side, jacking off together.

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