T.I.T.S. Bouncing Above The Law

Released at: January 22, 2019 by Digital Playground
When world famous artist Bigga Wang has his designer dildo collection stolen, it's up to hotshot detective Olive (Honey Gold) to track it down. Olive is convinced the robbery has local crime boss Draco's trademark style all over it. Finding no real help from fellow detectives Alexa (Monique Alexander) and Gabby (Whitney Wright) or the chief of police, and with her ass on the line, Olive follows a tip from an anonymous informant to a warehouse where Draco is looking to unload his ill-gotten gains. Knowing her tits can open more doors than her badge, Olive shows up incognito in a knockout red dress. Little does Olive know, Draco has a mole in the precinct, and before she can buy the million dollar dildos, Draco thinks she should sample the goods. Normally she might be shy, but Olive is undercover, and Draco is kind of cute...and she did swear an oath to do whatever it takes to bring the bad guys to justice!

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Honey Gold

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