Weekends At Grandpas 2

Released at: March 11, 2015 by Desperate Pleasures
Dear Diary -------------------- In my last month of school they started trying to collect on my back payments before they let me graduate. I still had the money Grandpa gave me for my trip to Europe after graduation but I didn't want to spend it. I decided to take a weekend and go see if Gramps would help me out like he did for Bailey. When I sat in his lap Grandpa listened intently while staring at my tits. He agreed to help me as long as I helped him with some things. When I found out he meant sexually it was a bit weird but kind of hot too. I wanted my trip so badly I agreed and had sex with him in his chair. It was actually quite hot, Grandpa has a pretty big dick. Dear Diary ----------------------- I've been doing really well in all my classes so getting into law school should be a breeze as long as I can afford it. I took a weekend away from everything and went to Grandpas to think. No matter what I thought of I couldn't find a solution. Saturday afternoon I went into the living room and Grandpa was watching tv. He could tell right away there was something wrong and we started talking. Grandpa was very understanding and hit me with an offer I never considered as an option. Grandpa offered to take care of my tuition as long as I "took care of him." The proposition freaked me out a bit but also made me a little horny. I agreed to the deal and soon Grandpas cock was in my mouth. It was bigger than I had imagined so when he stretched my pussy with it all I could say was it's soo big. Grandpa fucked my really good despite his age so I'll accept his tuition conditions right through graduation.

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